Exploring the B2B Tour Business Model

Exploring the B2B Tour Business Model Nikki Wang of The Ways Beyond Exploring the B2B Tour Business Model

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Today’s episode is a little bit different because we’re exploring a side of the tourism industry that we haven’t discussed yet on this podcast, and that is the B2B market — business to business, selling tours to other companies rather than direct to consumer. The Ways Beyond was founded by Nicki Wang and her partner in 2019. Nikki is originally from China, but moved to Paris many years ago and quickly noticed that there seem to be a gap in the tourism market.

There are of course, a lot of big bus tours and also more expensive private tour options. However, Nikki wanted to do something that was slightly more elevated, but not for the mass market. And she also wanted to focus on offering cultural experiences rather than just standard tourist. And thus, The Ways Beyond was born.

In this episode, Nikki takes us inside how her inbound tourism. Business operates, including the three types of clients she typically deals with and how her services vary slightly, depending on what. She also offers some interesting food for thought on how the business model works and also how she is using one social media platform in particular to grow her business.  I’ve so much admiration for their tenacity and I can really see how this business could continue to flourish in the future.

How B2B Tours Work 

The Ways Beyond offer 3 different types of services. First, they offer one-off activities that can be booked directly through their website. For example, if someone is interested in a tour or museum visit, they can book this through their website for a fixed fee. If it’s in their capacity, Nikki or her partner will lead the tour. Otherwise, they will outsource it to a local guide.

Secondly, The Ways Beyond also assist groups that would like to book a range of experiences offered on their catalog, which is otherwise not available online. And lastly, they help groups that want a fully customised experience from start to finish. For these latter requests, Nikki works with local partners to provide the best quality experience possible.

Using Linkedin For B2B Sales

In Nikki’s experience, Linkedin has the best return on investment for anyone selling in B2B. Unlink Instagram where it is difficult to get a decent reach without using paid ads, Linkedin is a good way to connect directly with her ideal clients by sharing new content.


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