How to 10x Tour Bookings With Pinterest

How to 10x Tour Bookings With Pinterest How to 10x Tour Bookings With Pinterest

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Today, I chat with Louise Cottrell, who is a Pinterest expert who specialises in helping travel brands reach more clients and increase sales through Pinterest. As she says in this episode, Pinterest is a user-generated visual search engine — not a social media platform — which is why travel-related images and content do so well. And unlike Instagram or Facebook where the content you put out is only shown to your followers UNLESS you’re using paid ads, Pinterest, by design, wants to make your content discoverable to new users. I think it’s similar to TikTok’s For You Page, in that sense. So it’s much easier to get your content out to different users and to go viral — without paying a cent!

This episode is full of fantastic tips on how to harness Pinterest to create more leads for your business. Louise and I discuss how travel businesses can use Pinterest to increase bookings, the exact type of content you should be creating to generate more leads, and best practices for using Pinterest in 2021.

Pinterest as a search engine

Though Pinterest is a search engine, Louise says it differs from Google in the sense that, “Pinterest is about getting ideas.” If someone already has a particular company or brand that they want to book with, they will use Google to find them. However, Pinterest is for people in the planning phase who are looking for what’s out there.

Therefore, Louise believes that “it’s important for travel content, creators, travel agencies, tour operators to have in mind that it’s not so much about promoting their specific business, but more about showing what’s possible with them and the kind of offerings that they have  to attract the people who would be interested in those kinds of offerings.”

The type of content travel businesses should create

Louise emphasises that travel businesses should be very intentional with the content they create. It’s great to drive traffic to your website, but ultimately you want to convert those leads into bookings.

Therefore, she suggests “detailing and writing about the activities that you specifically can exclusively offer or that you offer in a certain way that is unique, ad conveying that in your content.”

Best practices on Pinterest

Louise suggests creating multiple pins for each piece of content and to ideally pin a few different pins each day. However, she notes that “consistency is really more important than amount.”

She also warns against people giving up too soon after feeling let down by the lack of engagement they may be getting with their pins. “It can take a month for Pinterest to show something that you shared to a large audience,” she says.

More from this episode

Want to know how to optimise travel pins to get the most engagement? What are some of the new features in 2021? How to easily incorporate video into your pins? What is her favourite scheduling tool? Tune in to learn more from Louise Cottrell!


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