The Mindset Shift That Every Female Entrepreneur Needs to Hear

The Mindset Shift That Every Female Entrepreneur Needs to Hear The Mindset Shift That Every Female Entrepreneur Needs to Hear

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Today’s episode is especially close to my heart. I speak with Julia Denisyuk about the importance of women supporting one another and what can be achieved when we see each other as allies rather than competition. In addition to being an award winning travel writer and photographer, and a successful business owner, she is also the founder of the platform Genius Womxn, which is a community for creative women in the travel space to connect and learn from one another.

Yulia’s mission to empower other women resonates with me so deeply, as this was my main motivation for creating this podcast. Travel is without a doubt my biggest passion in life. And I love it not just personally but professionally. I love the business side of it, I’m fascinated by entrepreneurship, I love listening to business podcasts. And thinking of ways I can apply those concepts to the tourism industry. And don’t get me wrong, there are other fantastic travel-related business podcasts out there. I recommend you checkout the Tourpreneur podcast if you haven’t already. However, I wanted to hear from more female entrepreneurs in the travel space — to celebrate what women have achieved and to share knowledge that will help others find similar success. So hopefully, if you’re a regular listener of the podcast, that mission has come across. I’ve also been brainstorming ways to help foster more of a community for women interested in travel and entrepreneurship, so listen out for more details on that in the near future.

The difference between travel bloggers and travel journalists

Yulia was drawn to travel and stories telling from a very young age. However it wasn’t until however it wasn’t until after she had served 4 years in the Navy earned an MBA and climbed the corporate ladder that she finally that she that she realized she could no longer ignore her burning desire to pursue a career as a travel rider and journalist.

When asked what she saw as the difference between travel bloggers and travel journalists, and why she opted to go down the latter path, Yulia explains that she sees a clear distinction. When we follow travel bloggers, “we want to know it through their eyes. We want to know about them, them. That’s why we follow them. That’s the appeal of that profession. As a travel journalist, the stories that I’m publishing are never about me, mostly never about me.”

The personality trait that all successful entrepreneurs share

Today Julia’s work has been published as appeared in many high-profile publications such as national geographic and travel and leisure however she admits that it took several years for her to get to where she is today however she admits it took several years to achieve success.

For Julia the most important thing that all successful people share is fierce willingness to persevere despite any setbacks the site despite setbacks. “I think a lot of people try out some new things, but they don’t see those immediate results and they give up and they give up too soon,” she says.

However, she also recognises that everyone’s path is different, so it’s about knowing yourself and the lengths you’re willing to go. “Only you can tell yourself how long time is enough time for you to keep pursuing something,” she notes.

Why community is better than competition

Last year she created a community platform called Genius Womxn, which connects female storytellers with one another, and she very quickly realised its value. “I realized that I tapped into something very powerful when you create the community of women specifically together, because that allowed us to be vulnerable with each other,” Yulia says.

Ultimately, she recognizes the value of uplifting and supporting one another rather than seeing other women in her industry as competition. “When you believe that each one of us is absolutely unique and absolutely genius, then that fear of competition falls away completely,” she says.

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