The Surprising Sales Funnel Strategy That Transformed Her Business

The Surprising Sales Funnel Strategy That Transformed Her Business The Surprising Sales Funnel Strategy That Transformed Her Business

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Today’s guest has spent the last decade traveling and working abroad and now makes a living, teaching others how to do the same. Richelle Gamlam shares the story of how a bad experience teaching abroad in China, inspired her to design a course and a coaching program that helps people avoid the same mistakes she made. However, just like her first year in China wasn’t smooth sailing, Richelle’s journey as an entrepreneur has come with its ups and downs.

She is super transparent about the many challenges that she’s faced. Despite receiving an overwhelming amount of emails with questions about moving abroad and working in China, her first program was pretty much met by crickets. And it wasn’t until she implemented this really surprising sales funnel strategy that suddenly the number of engaged paying clients began to skyrocket. And honestly, I was shocked when she told me what that strategy was.

Richelle is a bundle of energy and lots of laughs, but also super honest and down to earth about how difficult it is to be an entrepreneur paving your own way. Not only will you take away some really ingenious advice on how to create a successful sales funnel, but also you’ll definitely feel inspired after hearing Richelle’s story. She’s proof that if you never give up and you dedicate your energy to what you’re most passionate about, good things are bound to happen.

I  hope you enjoy today’s episode. Richelle really has a fantastic story to share, and the business insights that she offers are both fascinating and enlightening. I’m so excited to share this episode with you!

Becoming a move abroad coach

Richelle is originally from Seattle, and she got to travel a bit with her family while growing up, but she was always interested in destinations that didn’t really interest others. She studied international relations and then decided to spend some time studying abroad in China. She ended up doing a language intensive program, and because of the intensity, she didn’t get the opportunity to explore the country and just have fun.

So back in 2013, Richelle decided she wanted to go back to China and have the full experience she wanted. At the time, being an English teacher was the only obvious way to move to China, so that’s what she decided to do. Unfortunately, she had a bad experience with the teach abroad program she went with, so her first year wasn’t very good.

After that, Richelle managed to find a good job in China, and through her travel blog, she heard from other people who’d also had bad experiences with teach abroad programs. “They’re prioritizing their own bottom line and just doing a poor job. And I thought, you know, people should be able to move abroad and have an incredible experience the first time around.”

After going through this bad experience, and hearing about other people’s bad experiences as well, Richelle was angry and felt inspired to start coaching people on how to move abroad. Initially, she focused on helping people move to China, but she never earned enough to support her, and it also wasn’t really her passion. Right around that time the pandemic happened, and that got her to take some time and consider what she really wanted to do.

She realized that she loves helping people who feel stuck and who dream of the flexibility and freedom to move to another country. Aside from practical stuff like visas and finding work, she also realized there was a mindset component that she hadn’t been addressing previously, around the fears that come with moving abroad.

Sales funnel strategy for group coaching

Right now, Richelle is in the process of rebranding to The Move Abroad Coach and she runs The Move Abroad Escape Plan Bootcamp, which is the initial program that she offers to help people move abroad. It runs live every few months, it’s only four days long, and it helps turn the fluffy dream of moving abroad into a tangible plan.

Richelle hosts live calls every day throughout, and covers questions like, “what kind of lifestyle do you want? Where do you want to move? What type of job are you gonna get? And then like, how do we put this all together and implement it?”

The bootcamp is designed as a first step in the sales funnel. The next step is a six-week group coaching program that goes deeper and supports people with the implementation of their plan. It covers topics like researching visas, applying for jobs and learning how to research destinations, while also paying attention to the mindset component that comes up for a lot of people.

Finally, Richelle also runs a membership that people can join in case they want to keep getting advice from her until they actually move abroad.

Marketing strategies that work

It took a while for Richelle to figure out the marketing strategy she uses nowadays. At first, she was using organic social media, but she struggled to get people to sign up for her webinars, and many of them weren’t even the ideal person to join her program. Then she tried Facebook ads, but that was difficult as well and she wasted a lot of money.

“I was just really struggling to the point where about like seven or eight months ago, I almost quit. I almost was just like, this is too much. I’m tired. I’m broke. I’m just gonna teach at a university in South Korea or something and make good money because this is too much.”

But that’s when she found a course that taught her a new approach to sales and marketing. She learned to charge a low price for a bootcamp because when people pay a bit of money for something, they are more likely to take it seriously. Richelle implemented this into her business, and it completely changed things, increasing the number of people that join her program while more of them actively participate as well.

More from this episode

  • Richelle shares an example of a unique path that one of her clients has taken after working with her, even though he thought he had no other option than to become an English teacher.
  • We talk about the growth of remote work, and digital nomad visas available nowadays.
  • What does it mean to be a move abroad coach, and how is it different from a travel planning service or a course?
  • Learn more about the sales and marketing strategies that have worked for Richelle, including her strategy around Instagram and Facebook ads, and working with affiliate partners.
  • Find out about Richelle’s goals for the next couple of years with her programs and her business.

Learn more about Richelle

Richelle Gamlam has been living abroad for the last ten years, and now she helps others do the same! As The Move Abroad Coach, Richelle has created a business helping adventurous people create their dream lives abroad. If you’re ready to finally take the leap to move abroad, follow Richelle on Instagram at @moveabroadcoach or join her next bootcamp.


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