Behind The Scenes Of Mini Voyager – The Wildly Popular Travel Kit For Kids

Behind The Scenes Of Mini Voyager The Wildly Popular Travel Kit For Kids Behind The Scenes Of Mini Voyager - The Wildly Popular Travel Kit For Kids

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Have you ever stumbled across a business that is just so brilliant that you really stop and wonder how that concept hadn’t always existed?

That’s exactly how I felt when I first discovered Mini Voyager, a travel product business that sells customized travel kits for kids. I first learned about them when a friend of mine shared a photo on her Instagram of her daughter playing with one of these travel kits. My friend wrote how it had kept her daughter entertained for the full five-hour-long fight. She barely needed any screen time and it was just a super low-stress experience for her as a mom.

Even though I don’t have kids, I was immediately intrigued because that’s quite the review. I looked up their Instagram and went on their website, and the more I learned about this company, the more I just fell in love with it. So I decided to reach out to the founder, Bri Hepworth, to invite her onto the podcast. She was just super lovely and agreed to an interview.

I’m excited for you to hear everything Bri shares in this episode. She talks about the ins and outs of her business, including how she came up with the idea for Mini Voyager. By the way, isn’t that the greatest name ever for a travel kit company for kids?

Bri also shares how she’s grown the business so quickly in just a few years, as well as some of her plans for the future. And she gave us a real peek behind the curtain of the ins and outs of her business as well. This was one of my favorite parts of our conversation because even though Mini Voyager has grown a lot and does have quite a big following, it really is a family-run business in the truest sense of the word, which I just absolutely love.

Bri is so down-to-earth and inspirational in the way she has grown this business while also looking after her family with four young kids and seemingly always having a positive attitude. I love what she’s doing with the business and the way that she approaches entrepreneurship and I cannot wait for you to hear her story.

Starting a travel product business

Before they had kids, Bri and her husband used to travel a lot, and they didn’t want that to stop once they had kids. But when it was time to travel with her baby on a six-hour flight, Bri was very worried about it, “I was so nervous to travel because you know, you go through all these things in your head and all these ‘what ifs’ of like, oh my gosh, what if my baby cries on the plane? What if my baby has a temper tantrum?”

So she did a lot of research and decided to take a giant bag of toys to keep her daughter occupied on the flight. But of course, it was very inconvenient having to carry this huge bag while also carrying a child. Over time, and as she had more kids, she managed to pair it down to a smaller bag of favorite toys that keep her kids entertained on flights.

Because she always travels a lot with her kids, Bri was getting a lot of questions from friends about traveling with kids. One day, a friend asked if she could just put a bag together for her child. That’s when Bri started thinking that this could be a business idea.

She had her doubts, so it took a while before she decided to really go for it. “There were hundreds of times where I went back and forth of yeah, we should do it. Like, that’s a great idea. And then the next day, I don’t know what I’m thinking. This is a horrible idea. Nobody’s gonna want this.”

Unfortunately, once they finally did decide to actually start the business, their launch took place right when Covid started spreading. They pivoted a bit and started marketing the kits as a great way to entertain kids at home during quarantine as well, and they managed to keep the business going until travel started to pick back up again.

Growing a travel product business

Although Bri has a background in advertising, she hasn’t done a lot of advertising in her own business. When they just launched the website, sales went really slow and it was probably mostly supportive friends who were buying kits. The slow start required a lot of patience but eventually, it picked up and most of their customers are coming through word of mouth now.

Bri thinks that makes sense, because “if you get a recommendation from a friend, it holds so much more weight than just seeing an ad for something on Instagram as you scroll through.”

More from this episode

  • What is Mini Voyager and how is it customizable?
  • Where does Bri source the toys that go into the kit, and how does she decide what to include?
  • Bri shares her vision for the future of Mini Voyager. What are some of her goals and ideas, and how would she like to see the business grow?

Learn more about Bri

Bri is a mom of 4 kids ages 7 and under, and lives in San Diego, California. After over 100 flights the past 7 years with her kids, she started her company- Mini Voyager. They build customized Travel Kits for kids full of tried-and-true toys and activities to keep kids entertained on the go. Her whole goal is to help parents take the stress out of traveling with kids and feel more confident and prepared for any adventure they go on.


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