Why Conferences Are Key To A Super Successful Travel Blog

Why Conferences Are Key To A Super Successful Travel Blog Why Conferences Are Key To A Super Successful Travel Blog

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In this episode, we are talking all about travel blogging and content creation in 2022. I am joined by Kirsten Maxwell, who is the brilliant mind behind Kids Are A Trip and Multigenerational Vacations, two fantastic websites that help families travel better.

Kirsten first started Kids Are A Trip back in 2014 and after years of growing this really successful blog, she decided in 2020 that she is going to take on a new project and niche even further down, specifically to multi-generational vacations.

Kirsten brings a really unique perspective specifically on blogging because she can talk us through how she got started in 2014 and what worked for her then, what she’s learned in that journey, and what she’s focusing on. But also what it’s like starting a travel blog today because obviously, a lot has changed in the world of blogging.

I absolutely loved interviewing Kirsten because she was really an open book, super down to earth had really great practical advice. One thing she said, and that we’ve really focused on throughout the episode because it’s something that I haven’t really touched on in previous interviews, are travel conferences. Kirsten tells us how attending these has been a great way to grow and monetize her business. It’s really interesting to hear about the impact that these travel conferences have had on her business, and also some of the learnings and takeaways she’s had after attending.

I know there are a lot of people out there who have a lot of knowledge to share and are interested in starting a travel blog, but may be a bit concerned about whether they’ve already missed that window of opportunity. Every year you read these articles, or you hear these stories of people talking about how it’s harder today than ever before to make it in travel blogging, how the landscape has just completely changed. But every single year we have these new travel bloggers rising to the top and having a lot of success. And it was definitely fascinating, to speak to Kirsten and hear about her experience of starting a new website in 2020.

Though there are definitely challenges and she’s still growing that business, I do think it’s just proof, once again, that it is absolutely still possible to start a successful travel blog. You just have to approach it with a lot of strategy and intention. And luckily, because we’re 15 years down the line from when travel blogging first became a thing, there’s so much knowledge and so many resources out there. In a way, it’s a lot easier to get ahead because you’re not having to scrape around to find information or just learn through trial and error on your own. The information is out there and as Kirsten shares today, you can learn a lot at travel conferences and they’re definitely worth attending.

So I really hope you enjoy this episode, it’s such a good one!

Starting a travel blog

Kirsten’s grandmother instilled a love of travel in her, and when she got the opportunity, Kirsten did a study abroad program in college and went to study in Spain. When Kirsten had her three kids, she and her husband would travel with them even when they were very young, so people would often ask her how to travel with kids.

This question kind of baffled her because travel was so normal to them. “We traveled for our honeymoon. We traveled for four years before we had kids. So to stop that would have seemed kind of crazy and nonsensical.”

Her husband suggested to start writing about their travels, which led to Kirsten starting her blog in 2014. Initially, she thought it would be something for friends and family to read, but over the years it has grown into something that she’s been able to monetize.

But it didn’t start out very successful right away. At first, Kirsten didn’t really know how to grow a blog. She would spend her time writing very flowery language, just trying to be creative with her writing. It was attending travel conferences and listening to speakers that taught her there is a different way to approach travel blogging.

Travel conferences

Nowadays, Kirsten’s main piece of advice for newer bloggers is to go to travel conferences. If you’re serious about blogging, conferences are a great way to make connections and learn about this ever-evolving industry. There’s so much you can learn from what others are doing, that perhaps you hadn’t thought about. And when you come back and implement that, you can make your business more successful.

Some of the things Kirsten has been able to improve a lot on thanks to travel conferences are SEO and social media. Those are things you’re probably already doing if you have a blog, but maybe you could be doing them better.

But for Kirsten, the biggest takeaway has been the networking. It brings you lots of opportunities and you’ll meet many people. For example, Kirsten says, “you meet somebody in the elevator, they could be the person giving you your next job.”

More from this episode

  • Learn about Kirsten’s current approach to SEO and social media.
  • What are the two things that are going to give you the most return on your time investment when it comes to growing your blog?
  • Kirsten shares how she first started monetizing her blog, and what her biggest source of income is nowadays.
  • Find out how can you make money through paid campaigns, and how many views or followers you need to work with brands.
  • We talk about the importance of niching down.
  • Kirsten shares what it’s been like to start a new website within the last few years. How has her approach been different, with the experience she’s gained from growing her first travel blog?
  • What is Kirsten’s vision for her websites for the coming years?

Learn more about Kirsten

Kirsten is the publisher of Kids Are A Trip and She loves showing others how to travel with kids and explore the world.


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